What the press has said about The Only Way Is Epic


The new The Only Way Is Epic tour is going well so far. Here are some of the things the press have written about it:

“It’s wickedly witty stuff, and the knowledge that Murray is in fact a staunch, rather high-born Europhile with an MA in modern history makes this outwardly boorish satire on British provincialism more seductive still – right down, in fact, to the occasional guilt-ridden moment of doubt as to exactly what it is you’re laughing at.”
Mark Monahan, The Daily Telegraph

“…a bona fide British institution… his material packs a sharpness that makes you think his glass is still charged with a drop of the satirical brew that made the name of his ancestor William Makepeace Thackeray.”
Warren Howard, The Independent

“…an exceptional balancing act. Performing in his short-sleeved white shirt, with a working beer pump behind him, Murray’s interaction with his crowd remains one of the wonders of the comedy world… satire with scope and a real sting from this Oxford history graduate.”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“No one works a room like Murray... sets up numerous running jokes, keeping them all going like spinning plates. His quick insults pull no punches, but are done with obvious affection, in the spirit of mates’ conversations the land over – but never as sharp as this.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Britain’s favourite Pub philosopher”
The Daily Record