Welcome To My Brand New Website

Welcome To My Brand New Website


Hello people of the internet and welcome to my all new souped up, up to the minute website (unless you're a spam bot in which case, jog on).  

As you can see the site has had a complete makeover, though hopefully not the kind they give unhappy lumpy people on daytime TV who then have to look in the mirror and lie and sigh and look happy at the same time. 

Everything you might want to know about me and what I'm doing is here - the stuff on Wikipedia is mainly compiled by stalkers and oddballs - this is the proper stuff here, live dates, programmes, information, links a-plenty.  You can find your way to my Twitter feed and my Facebook fan page here too. 

I'm on tour - as a pork pie addict the only way to feed my addiction is to get on the road and find myself passing service stations frequently. 

The best way to achieve this is to book some dates, write a new show, and come to a theatre (hopefully) near you.  Before the tour I'll be putting the show together in Edinburgh - the first time I've done a long run of doing stand-up there since 1999.

It's all too exciting.  If you want to buy tickets simply click here! Here's a quick video message from me about it...

Not only that - the tour will be available on DVD in time for Christmas, the perfect present for every man woman and child on the planet, though to make that happen we might use up all the earth's resources. 

You can click here to pre-order! Wow!